Tool and Mold Making

For Repair and Surface Modification.

TIG welding is known as a procedure offering particularly clean processing and trouble-free modeling of the weld metal. The absence of spatters, in other procedures like MIG/MAG not to be avoided, is another benefit – and focused thermal input reduces warping. Additionally, we have developed a special method to hold down deformation further.

For these reasons, TIG welding represents an opportune technology for repair of pressing, drawing, stamping and forming tools. For cutters and die-casting molds, it is frequently used in the case of damages, wear, incorrect machining or changes of shape.

Before initiating the welding procedure, hardened tools are pre-heated to processing temperature required. For this purpose, we dispose of 6 chamber furnaces (up to 1650 mm useful length). TIG welding is a cost-effective method enabling partial zones or entire surfaces quickly to be covered, without formation of pores and spatters, thus creating a surface with outstanding properties.

On the basis of particular routines created in-house, we are able to perform pore- and cavity-free build-up welding even for complicated profiles or in zones of complicate access. Considerable reduction of pores can be obtained for nitriding steel likewise.


Efficient and precise

  • Cost-effective method for modification of shapes and surfaces
  • Increases the lifetime of cutting and forming tools
  • Flexible and uncomplicated modeling of weld metal
  • No spatters
  • No slag
  • Appropriate for build-up welding of nitriding tools
  • Practical also in zones hard to reach

You can always count on our profound knowhow and extensive experience – get in touch with us!

These are the challenges, to derive benefit from our knowhow:

Zones of difficult access.

Thanks to welding technologies composed in-house, we ensure hard-facing without pores and cavities, even in the case of complicated profiles or in areas hard to reach.

Tools of nitriding steel.

Welding of nitriding tools is no trivial task – but our technical team disposes of special know-how to ensure a neat reduction of pores.

Powder steels of any kind.

Even for glass hard powder steel, our experts have no reason to give up, even though these materials are very brittle. Our know-how has been continuously upgraded, so overcoming this obstacle is no problem.

Cast materials and alloys.

Particularly deposition welding for gray-cast iron (GGG60/GGG70L) is no job for amateurs. The challenges consist in proper heat treatment, selection of filler metal (nickel-base alloy) and practical knowledge at the highest level.

Qualified deposition welding of 42CrMo4, Alloy 59, Toolox 44 as well as of various powder steels like Böhler K390, ASP 2005 and Vanadis, belongs to our assets, too. In consultation with our customers, nearly every issue can be handled with success.

Whenever major changes of surface and dimensions, or repairs are pending . . .

. . . we are the right address.

Applying material on a large surface in a time saving procedure, requires the right joining technologies to be selected. In consultation with our customers, we will find the method best matching the application in an economical manner.

Thanks to numerous welding methods in-house available, we are able to perform sealing also of large surfaces by means of an efficient procedure, like TIG or MAG. Lasers may be used to establish a border, in order to eliminate produced material ingress.

For any matter of urgency:

As soon as repair or surface modifications are necessary without delay, our mobile service represents indispensable assistance. Forget about removal and reinstallation of concerned items, no transport and logistics are necessary. Interruptions are reduced to an absolute minimum; the tools are available again immediately.

Combined welding:

Simply the best.

As a strong and conscientious service provider, we always stay in close contact with our customers and offer a great variety of joining technologies, which may also be mutually combined.

This way we are able to bundle the advantages of different welding methods in a targeted manner, to find the most convenient solution for the current application. The best possible result is ensured at a reasonable price. Take us at our word!

Our experts are looking forward to giving you advice for your project. One call is enough . . .

Step by step:

Repair of an aluminum die for car rims (TIG + LASER).

6 Chamber Furnaces

The right furnace for your application.

6 chamber furnaces with different volumes (chambers between 50l bis 1000l are available) are used in our factory, to preheat tools and components to the required working temperature before welding and to perform annealing after completion. For your orders, the corresponding furnace will be selected.

Maximum component size: 1650mm x 1000mm x 610mm

Metal and Sheet Processing

Perfect weld seams –
no rework necessary.

For a long time already, TIG welding has proven its ability to generate clean and spatter-free weld seams, realized in a cost-effective procedure – therefore it is a widespread method in metal and sheet processing. Numerous possibilities are offered . . .

For our clientele, we weld samples, prototypes, small and large series consisting of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass and titanium.

We attach importance to homogenous and clean weld seams with optimum optical appearance, as they may be visible in the design zone of an assembly and should not be reground.

Nos clients peuvent toujours faire confiance dans notre qualité.