Non-contact cleaning. Quick, intense and still gentle to material.

Without any effort, rust, lacquer, oil, soot coatings, oxides and many other contaminations can be removed from metal, wood, natural stone and concrete. Our mobile laser cleaning systems clean every surface in a non-contact procedure without leaving residues.

The base material itself is not damaged, and -thanks to fine-tuning of parameters- even the state of high gloss polished surfaces remains unaffected. The laser beam cleans the surface without leaving a trace. Rust and oxide resistance of stainless steel and aluminum remain intact.

Pulse power, scanning rate and cleaning pattern can be fine-tuned, so that the material quantity removed by a single laser pulse can be controlled at maximum precision.

The absence of chemical solvents or other consumables contributes to high environmental friendliness as well.

The laser can be operated by hand gun, so that all positions of difficult access can be reached. Fine-tuning of laser parameters is done in no time, by means of the tablet included in the delivery.

The correct cleaning power for every application:

The laser cleaner 100 W proves to be the right choice for sensitive surfaces and delicate tool molds. This compact and portable model can be carried around and used inside cases, containers and pipes.

Cleaning of large areas and intensely contaminated components are the specialty of the 1500W laser cleaner. The enormous power eliminates dirt even from oily and rusty threads and textures in a flash


Possible applications:

  • High-End cleaning of plastic injection molds
  • High-End cleaning of tool molds
  • High-End cleaning of surfaces
  • Cleaning of weld seams
  • High-End cleaning of motors and accessories
  • Cleaning of surfaces consisting of concrete or natural stone


  • Simple to learn and to practice.
  • Dry and clean
  • Low noise level
  • In contrast to blast clean, no edge rounding produced
  • Base material is neither removed nor damaged
  • Surface remains free of scratches, thanks to non-contact technology
  • Also for polished and very sensitive surfaces
  • Surface structure and high gloss properties remain unchanged
  • For small and large areas
  • Zones hard to reach do not represent an obstacle
  • Thoroughness and efficiency exceed the results of many other cleaning methods
  • Accurate and controllable beam
  • Residues nearly absent
  • Quick procedure and minimum delay
  • Integration in production and assembly lines possible
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Low operating cost

Your own laser cleaning system...

...exactly adapted to your particular needs.

Should you be interested in an own laser cleaning system, do not hesitate and consult our factory service. Customized solutions can be configured anytime. We inform you also about prices and delivery times. In between, we will be pleased to offer you a rental machine, so your project can be launched at once.

Purchasing one of our cutting-edge laser cleaning systems provides a stable basis for long-term order processing on site at lowest cost. We deliver only machines which we have thoroughly tested and used in our own production, knowing each model in detail. For this reason, we can offer service and support for the entire life cycle.

Choose the machine best fitting your applications. In order to assist your decision process, we invite you to a demonstration date anytime.