Production Site Lüdenscheid

KLB Standort Nottebohmstraße 16, 58511 Luedenscheid, Germany

Production premises of more than 600 m² are available for order processing in the range of laser welding, laser marking, laser engraving and laser cutting, everything around tool and mold making as well as metal and sheet metal processing.

As to laser engraving, our customers appreciate the high quality in the field of deep engraving, micro engraving and 3D engraving.
We cut for you single or serial parts made of steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and aluminum. For numerous clients we cut furthermore tool bases for tool and mold making, consisting of spring steel (1.4310). Extremely thin foils up from 0.01mm and sheets up 18mm in thickness are cut at maximum precision…

Production Site Attendorn

KLB Standort Askay 11, 57439 Attendorn, Germany

Production premises of more than 1000 m² are available for order processing in the range of laser welding, laser hardening, laser cleaning, laser powder deposition welding, deposition welding TIG and MIG/MAG, gouging and flood welding for dies, or repair welding for tool breaks. Our automated robotic system, equipped with a 3KW IPG laser source for 3D laser welding and 3D laser cutting of complex assemblies, enables a cost-efficient serial production of components and assemblies to be realized.

For laser hardening and laser powder deposition welding, mobile service is available as well: Our mobile laser robot is perfectly prepared to execute hardening or build-up welding directly on site, extremely practical for large machine components or heavy tools hard to transport. After completion, your components will be immediately ready again for use.

Two companies are combined to one single team:

In the year of 2017, two companies merge: Thorsten Raab Schweißtechnik GmbH & Co.KG and KLB Laserschweißtechnik GmbH.


Une machine transfert rotatif à quatre stations de soudage au laser complétée par la fonction de marquage au laser est acquise, capable d’appliquer des numéros de série aux composants immédiatement après la fin du traitement.


Comme la demande pour les opérations de nettoyage au laser ne cesse d’augmenter, la société fait un pas en avant, et en achète de nouveaux systèmes encore plus puissants, ce qui raccourcit considérablement la durée des cycles de processus. Des vastes projets dans ce domaine-ci peuvent passer en un rien de temps. Une nouvelle unité innovante de soudage au laser est obtenue de même. A l’aide du soudage manuel au laser, les exigences de la clientèle peuvent être accomplies au plus haut niveau de flexibilité. A partir de la fin de l’année, les deux types de machine sont également vendus. De cette manière, les deux catégories, disposant d’un rapport qualité-prix excellent, sont offerts à la vente.


Le site de production KLB Attendorn est entièrement rénové et offre une atmosphère agréable pendant les visites de la clientèle.


Up from 2020, a new service is implemented: Laser cleaning. On the basis of concentrated laser beam energy, dirt and deposits are removed in a thorough procedure from tools and components – without damaging the base material.

A new 2 kW fiber laser is available as well, intended to cut metal sheets of up to 12 mm thickness.


Investment in future technology: An automated robotic system with 3KW IPG laser source for cutting and welding is purchased for serial production of assemblies. With one part being processed at one side of the chain, the next item can already be inserted to the other side.

Extension of the machine park:
A new stationary 900W laser welding unit is purchased.


The new laser cutting unit with quick-exchange drawer is able to process extremely thin sheet metal foils up from 0.01mm and metal sheets up to 5mm. Process speed for serial production, thanks to the drawer, rises by factor 2.

By means of a system supported by conveyor, process speed for laser marking and laser engraving can be increased as well. It proves to be ideal for serial production.

Investment in a new 600W fiber laser.


In order to bundle core competences, both companies, are merged to KLB Laserschweißtechnik GmbH & Co.KG on 04/01/2017.

Investment in a further engraving laser (3D), to meet customer requirements in handle larger order volumes.

The machine park is upgraded by two further powerful laser welding systems: 600 W for stationary and 900 W for mobile services. This enables build-up welding for large surfaces to be performed in a more efficient manner.


In the year of 2016, the laser section is complemented by two additional innovative services:

From now on, laser hardening and laser powder deposition welding, is offered as well.

Upon request, laser hardening can also be performed at the site of the client, by means of a unit mounted on crawler chassis. For the clientele, this represents a great benefit, as heavy or large items do not need to be removed, transport and reinstalled to carry out the work. After completion, components immediately are ready for use again.


Mr. Thorsten Raab acquires, as an extension of his own company, the family business KLB Laserschweißtechnik GmbH from Mr. Heiko Koch.
From now on, both companies in common act as a service provider in the field of laser and welding technology, offering the bundled force of two different activities.

In the year of 2015, both companies together invested in three mobile laser welding systems, to offer instantaneous laser welding service at the site of the client. This way, even narrow deadlines can be met.

From 1997 to 2015

Two companies – one goal.

A short summary of nearly two decades of company development.


The company Thorsten Raab Schweißtechnik moves to its new site in Attendorn (Geramny), Askay 11, and offers from now on also laser welding combined with robot welding.


A new production hall with a floorspace of 1050m² is purchased at the future company seat of Thorsten Raab Schweißtechnik GmbH & Co. KG.


First only supported by temporary workers, Mr. Thorsten Raab forms a first fix team.


Construction of site 2 with production and administration.


As a consequence of further growing order volumes, construction of an own production hall with a floorspace of 120 m² in Finnentrop (Germany).


Mr. Thorsten Raab founds his business activity in the field of welding technology, first in a small workshop, then in the course of the same year in larger premises in Lennestadt (Germany).


Mr. Heiko Koch retires and transfers the family business KLB Laserschweißtechnik GmbH, seat Lüdenscheid (Germany), to Mr. Thorsten Raab.


By means of a new Trumpf laser cutting machine, also the fine cutting sector could be covered.


The move to new premises was necessary. A new laser welding unit was purchased, as well as an engraving laser, in order to meet customer requirements with respect to laser engraving and laser marking.


The machine park grows up to four laser welding units to meet increasing order volume while maintaining flexibility.


KLB Laserschweißtechnik GmbH founded by Mr. Heiko Koch.