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Welding experts. High quality equipment. Large choice of methods: These three columns make up the basis of our company. For over 25 years, we put projects into practice, in close cooperation with the clientele – as a strong and reliable service provider in the field of laser and welding technology.

22 specialists at two German sites Lüdenscheid and Attendorn are involved every day with treatment of prototypes, single part or series, by manual work or in fully automated robotic routines. The machine park is up-to-date and offers an outstanding platform for continuous upgrading of workflows without losing flexibility.

The portfolio features 13 different services around tool and mold making, metal and sheet metal processing. Sequences mutually often can be combined. The entire process has been refined again and again, so the quickest method to achieve the goal can always be identified.
The unique corporate identity cannot be described by numbers:
True service! After a first order, the business relation over time usually grows to a long partnership. Close cooperation with the clientele and solution-oriented thinking are our hallmark. Already during the first project you will be convinced by our quick and accurate work, serious order tracking, reliability and quality.

You are always invited to take a look at the company sites. Don’t expect standard supply – we do more.

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Production site Attendorn. That’s the place to be for your orders...