Laser Marking

Inscriptions for Eternity.

High-precision marking lasers are provided at our site, intended to apply durable markings to surfaces, which may consist of metal, anodized aluminum or various kinds of plastic – without damaging or modifying the surface in an undesirable manner or creating burrs. The process is gentle to the material and accurate. Only the required minimum of material is removed.

Even on smallest scales, the markings produced prove to be exact, sharp-edged and placed precisely on the desired position.

This service by the clientele is often used to number components, for identification of property, designate range of application for tools, for nameplates or promotional articles.

No limits exist for your individual marking: Company logo, barcode, DataMatrix or QR-Code, plain text, serial numbers or other labels. All these elements can be applied even to smallest items. Our marking line features conveyor belts, to process large quantities and series within short delay.

Our service is not restricted in any way, neither with respect to the kind of marking nor to the product to be labelled – single components or entire series are refined for eternity.. We are looking forward to receiving your personal product specification. If a concrete project is already in sight, do not hesitate and contact our team…


  • Labeling of a great choice of materials
  • Gentle to the material
  • Highest durability
  • High process speed, large quantities of parts in short time
  • Reproducibility ensured
  • Extremely short setup times
  • Any desired geometry of marking
  • Shapely and valuable

Laser marking is appropriate for:

  • Components (automotive sector, machines, electronics)
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • Labels
  • Nameplates
  • Identification of property
  • Promotional articles

Able to turn around and around.

Thanks to automated rotary axis, our marking line is able to handle also circular or ball-shaped products (for instance milled or turned parts) – individually according to your specifications.

High components? - No Problem.

Our special components line features an extremely high Z-axis of 750 mm.

Specification of marking laser:

Y-Axis 390 mm
X-Axis 800 mm
Z-Axis 750 mm
Bearing Capacity 400 kg

Your next serial production will start with us!

Supported by conveyor belt for laser marking, your serial production does not need to wait.